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Bali, to many is the land of a thousand gods, a thousand temples, and a thousand dances. Some others see the island as perhaps the last frontier, waiting to be discovered, for its beauty, its culture, its way of life. Others arrive here and undergo an experience, one that will etch a life-long impact and draw them back to its shores, again and again.

Ask around and you are almost sure to get the reply, "Come to Bali for its culture, its beauty". That seems to be the subtle message that the people themselves convey about their fables island. It's a message from the heart, for the Balinese are truly proud of the splendors of their island. Visitors soon realize that Bali is no longer a frontier waiting to be discovered, instead it needs to be re-discovered, over and over again.

Well then to Bali, perhaps the large place on this earth that still conjures images of mystique, of beauty, of place and goodwill and a way of life that is unique in this modern day and age. Bali, the last frontier, where the search for the true meaning of life can begin.

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